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IT Consulting and Computer Repair - Framingham MA

We are an IT consulting and computer repair company based in Framingham, MA. We offer residential and business repairs and sales to the Boston Metrowest area.

Web Design and SEO


At Pro Tech Guy we offer complete web design on the popular platform known as Squarespace. We have worked with this company for over 7 years, and within this time we have developed a strong relationship and a deep knowledge of the Squarespace design platform. 

Another reason that we chose to create websites on this platform is because it is very user friendly.  It is simple for the customer to edit their website and not have to call the "website guy" every time they want to make a change. We are here to help as much as needed, but many customers desire to manage their own platform after the initial creation.

Domain and Hosting

Have an existing domain to transfer or want to use another platform other than Squarespace? We have also partnered with another awesome domain provider known as, and can offer our customers great service and reliable domains at reasonable prices. Not to mention, contains no upselling, or cumbersome web panels to work through, it's just simple and reliable.

SEO and Social Media Integration

Search Engine Optimization or SEO, along with Social Media are the key to overall success online.

We offer a full range of SEO services, which includes keyword optimization, blog optimization, Local SEO, citations, and many more.  Essentially, these services allow your website to rank well within popular search engines.

Social media integration and management is a large part of online identity, or should be. We can offer full profile creation, and weekly or daily management of you current accounts on the most popular social networks, such as Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and Instagram.


With the wide range of services that we offer, pricing can vary based on your individual needs. Simply letting us know your goals will allow us to set up a complete and customized plan to help your business reap the rewards of a solid online presence.


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