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Jump On Cloud Backup

Losing data can be devastating. Whether it's vital business records, or precious photographs, if, for whatever reason, they're lost, it can spell real trouble. Not to mention, losing data from your laptop or desktop is done much easier than you might think. Interestingly, the top three causes of lost data are: physical damage, viruses & malware and (most common) accidental deletion. 


The worst part is recovery is quite often not possible, which is where cloud backup will save your life (or your business!)


So why use a cloud backup?


Cloud-based backup solutions, such as Backblaze, are the most reliable form of data storage around today. When you upload your data, from your laptop or desktop, to their cloud storage, you're ensuring it is being protected against cyber-crime, system crashes and even natural disasters!


The most obvious benefits of using cloud storage are:


·      Highly-secure data protection: The security of the data stored is paramount. By using the highest-level security and encryption services, customers are assured that all data is protected and, just as importantly, recoverable at any time.


·      Automated Backup: A cloud backup solution is only good if you upload everything regularly, right? Wrong. Backblaze will automatically backup everything from your laptop or desktop, so you don't need to remember to do a thing.


·      Cost-Effective: It's hard to put a price on personal data, it's priceless after all. However, business data can be much more easily calculable. Backblaze provides an unlimited service for $50 per year, for your laptop or desktop - this includes your USB storage devices as well. That's not all, though; by using cloud backup you will be saving the cost of storing the data yourself. 


·      Eco-friendly: For those looking to lower their carbon footprint, cloud storage offers a much greener option to those spending vast amounts of money on energy bills and server storage. 


·      Ease of Use: Backblaze cloud backup solutions offer a simple service that is really easy to get to grips with. If you're not computer-savvy, it's no problem.


Why choose Backblaze?


All of the above clearly demonstrate the importance of cloud backup, and why you need it for your laptop or desktop; but what makes Backblaze so special? Well that's simple, they offer so much more than the other leading cloud backup providers.  A lower annual fee, unlimited storage, all data and file types backed-up by default, no maximum file size, are among a whole host of benefits Backblaze brings to the table. It's these offers, along with an exceptional customer service that make Backblaze the best choice when it comes to cloud backup.

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